Sunday, October 14, 2007

a tutor for the tutor

wOo.. im feeling so morning fresh.. even though its 4pm .. i can't believe i slept for 17 hours straight .. yesh.. its cause, once again, i have gotten sick. i think linda's actually right.. IM SUCH A LITTLE WEAKLING ! ehhh.... so much for being a mulan .. >.< man i am so stuffed on this science assiment.. ='[ if any of u guys finish urs early.. care to help me.. ? ehehhe narr jks.. i'll get it finished eventually.. even if it kills me. i hope. was it meant to be hot today or sumfin..? hmm.. maybe anh's right. this room IS colder than all the others.. cause right now i am freezing my ass off. wells tutor was alright yesterdays.. except for the fact that linda n i were sitting right by the door where the cold wind was coming in. and i seriously don't get chem.. is it possible to do tutoring for tutor? .. if that makes any sense.. and it didn't realli help much that there were all these smart people in tha class who actually understood all the stuff we... (more)